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Jessica Carrillo Alatorre

Hike it Baby
Executive Director
Based in Portland, OR with 350+ branches across North America
Jessica Carrillo Alatorre has been a part of Hike it Baby since the summer of 2014 when her friend Shanti Hodges invited her to go hiking with both of their babies. Growing up on the Oregon coast, she spent a lot of her time in the outdoors, falling in love with nature. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Organizational Leadership from George Fox University, which has helped her to excel as the Executive Director at Hike it Baby, overseeing operations and ensuring that as the organization grows, policy, procedure, and personnel are put in place to help the non-profit’s long-term success. Since its grass-roots beginning in 2014, Hike it Baby has reached more than 1 million people off and online. Social media has been an integral part of the organization, allowing Hike it Baby to connect with 275,000+ families through Facebook, nearly 30,000 families on Instagram and nearly 50,000 families a month through the Hike it Baby blog. Averaging 1,600 real life \"hike\" events per month across North America, Hike it Baby offers new parents and families an opportunity to find connection and build community, support in starting or continuing their journey in getting outside, and an opportunity to celebrate nature as a family. We are working to build communities that are welcoming to ALL families and finding ways to normalize the idea of being outside, especially with babies and young children in tow.

Jessica and her husband Chris enjoy hiking with their two girls, Natalie (born in 2014) and Elisabeth (born in 2017) around the Portland metro area they call home. Their favorite hikes often include waterfalls and wildflowers. Continually inspired by the passion and commitment of the volunteers who drive Hike it Baby along with the mission that has created the kind of community she wants her girls to be a part of, Jessica is proud to be raising a generation to love the outdoors.