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Angela Wildermuth

Wilderkids Urban Forest School
St Louis, MO
I’ve been immersed in the children in nature movement for about 10 years. The journey has been a healing one for me. I’ve been on the front lines beginning with my own kids, then friends’ kids and then starting my own school. (Well first I had to reconnect to nature myself lol hence the healing part). I started Wilderkids Urban Forest School in St Louis in 2017 and it has grown every year. My main mission is for kids to be treated with love and respect. Two ways I do that are 1) by supporting their play, and 2) by giving them time and access to quality experiences in nature. When I’m not advocating for children I like to teach about wild edibles, explore my city, and sew my own clothes. I’m excited to meet peers from outside my neck of the woods and make a difference together. See you in May!